Your Success is Our Business

We have fully qualified and experienced consultants that specialise in various areas across the business of luxury retailing. Our staff travel the world and help organisations in many different industries become super competitive and internationally regarded, in the high end of their respective markets. We apply world's best practise by way of specially designed systems, strategic planning, correct buying of inventory and personnel training so that your brand can achieve flagship status in your sector.

Contact us during the business hours of our different offices for a confidential discussion:


Australia office (Adelaide): Ph +61 8121 5711

Europe office (London): Ph +44 20 3769 7425

North America (Washington): Skype: stevencavallo



Giovanni Verace - 2002

"Grazie. Siete troppo forte!"

Gunter Hamburg - 2016

"We are now first in Austria"

Anastasia Victor - 2015

"Your advice thas catapulted our brand tenormously in North America:

Phillipe Renaud - 2017

"Merci, We are astounded the difference you made to our already established brand. Your buying advice was gamechanging for us last year".